Your First Pre-op Appointment

What to Expect At Your Pre-op Appointment

Once you have determined that you need to have surgery, your physician will refer you to a surgeon.  Depending on the severity of your need for surgery, your pre-op appointment may be that same day, or you will have an appointment a few days to a few weeks later.

At your pre-op appointment your surgeon will tell you about the surgery you will be having.  They will be discussing the benefits of having surgery and they will inform you of the risks.  You may be signing papers during this appointment giving the surgeon permission to perform the surgery, so if you have any questions, PLEASE do not be afraid to ask.  Your surgeon wants you to be well informed.  You will then be scheduled for surgery.  Depending on the type of surgery and your health status, you might be scheduled at a same-day surgery center or at a hospital.

You should receive instructions on what to do before surgery.  They may have you wash with a certain type of germicide the night before; they might ask you to shave the area where you will be having surgery, etc.  However, the most important thing to remember is if they ask you not to eat or drink anything after midnight, this includes chewing gum, sucking on candy, etc.  If you walk into the surgery center the day of surgery chewing gum, your surgery will most likely be postponed.  If you take any daily medication and they have told you not to eat or drink anything before your surgery, find out if they want you to take your morning medication.  Sometimes they will still want you to take your medication with a small sip of water (especially if you are on any cardiac, blood pressure medication).  If you are a diabetic they will most likely tell you not to take your diabetes medication that morning.

The most important part of your pre-op appointment with your surgeon is that you understand the surgery you are having and that you follow the instructions given to you.  If you have any questions, make sure you receive answers.

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